Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To-Do List

  1. Shower.  Clearly this is number 1 for a reason - the remainder of my list is in no particular order.
  2. Go to Longhorn
  3. Make granola bars
  4. Make bread
  5. Make double batch of meatballs and freeze them
  6. Find the counter top of the island in the kitchen (I only half struck it out as I have only found half of the counter...)
  7. Clean bathroom
  8. Wash filters for the vacuum
  9. Hunt down the 30 pack of razors I bought for David.  If I can't find them, it confirms that he's eating them when I'm not looking  Oh thank God I found them - the thought of him eating them was more than I could handle...I mean, their triple blade razors!
  10. Buy replacement car charger for the phones
  11. Balance the checkbook *bleh*
  12. Pay the cable and  cell phone bills
  13. Come up with a list of "No Power Meals" (I'll post about this later)
  14. Sort thru Kelton's clothes and weed out stuff that is too small for him
  15. Start menu plan for next week - - clear out some of the older stuff from the freezer
  16. Get rid of the evidence of the gigantic bag of mini eggs that I have inhaled
  17. Speaking of eggs, make hard boiled eggs
  18. Make triple batch of pancakes and freeze them
  19. Make PB&J sandwiches to freeze -- this will require another loaf of bread
  20. Help Jordan get his report finished up
  21. Dust
  22. Sneeze, dust some more
  23. Find the oodles of motorcycle helmets a new home as opposed to behind the front door. 
  24. Fold clothes
  25. Breathe
If I could actually get this all done in one day, I'd be Super Woman.  I laugh at just the thought. Hahaha!  But as you see, I'll be a crazy busy person this week -- just saying...so if I don't get to your Words With Friends game right away, you'll understand why!

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