Sunday, March 6, 2011

MPM 3/7

If you would have asked me three weeks ago if I was ready for spring, I would have said "No."  Actually, I did say no.  I still felt the need...the itch...for snow.  I just felt like this winter couldn't pass by without the fluffy white stuff falling softly around me, or at least my house.

Fast forward to now and ask me if I'm ready for spring...

Oh heck yeah!!

I need the rain to stop, and the cold mornings to come to a halt.

I need David to be able to ride the motorcycle to work.  Every.  Day.

Yes, we did get some snow and I probably would still be relishing this weather, but I calculated out how much it costs us for his commute.  If he is able to ride, it's $7.50/day.  My van costs $15/day.  And if he has to (*gulp*) take the truck, it is a staggering $35 per day.  So yes, I need winter to be over, and spring to show it's bright and shining face!

How does all this relate to my menu plan?'s been raining, David has had my car and I've had the truck.  If I don't want him driving the truck to work due to the cost of gas, it doesn't make sense for me to drive nearly as many miles to go grocery shopping.  So today I sat down and figured out my plan, shopped the pantry first, then emailed my shopping list to David because he had drill this weekend and drove my car.  He did the shopping on his way home today, saving us on gas (reason #472 that I love this man!!).  I don't have to take the gas guzzling beast of a truck, nor will I have to go shopping in the evening after he has gotten home from work.  It's a win-win situation.  However, I do feel like I'm not doing my I've shirked my responsibilities onto his shoulders. I know he will say that isn't the case, but it doesn't change how I feel about it.  I guess I'd better just get over it.  We do what we need to in order to reduce the bills as much as possible, and that includes gasoline.

Oh, and one last thing before I get to the menu.  Baseball season has gotten underway and Monday practices are 5-7 pm so I'll need to have super simple meals planned for that night.  I've decided that sandwiches will fit that bill quite nicely.  So get used to seeing sandwich night!  We'll be seeing it a lot between now and the middle of June!

Without further ado, the plan!

Monday - Tomato & Rice soup and sandwiches
Tuesday - Refried Bean Enchiladas and Spanish rice
Wednesday - BELTS
Thursday - Cowboy Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Friday - Stroganoff and steamed broccoli
Saturday - Chalupas and tortilla chips
Sunday - Split Pea Soup and rolls

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