Monday, February 14, 2011

MPM 2/14

Monday, Monday, Monday...where did you come from?

So, the recap of last week - - it sort of went according to plan, and sort of didn't.  I got called into work Monday and was given a bunch of tater tots.  We (or should I say I) changed things up and made a taco style tater tot casserole.  The family loved it!  Then on Tuesday, I was called into work again, and this time scored 3+ pounds of taco meat, so I froze it into one pound packs, which became Friday's meal - tacos.  Free food is always a good thing!  By the time Saturday night rolled around, it was too late to fix anything, so I stole Sunday's free for all plan.  Then came Sunday.  I wasn't feeling it.  Mel's Diner called my name, so we went out to eat.  My motto these days is "It is what it is."  Mel's it was.

What's my plan to screw up this week?  It is as follows:

Monday (Valentine's Day) - Tri-tip, garlic roasted potatoes, broccoli and homemade rolls
Tuesday - Chili Mac
Wednesday - Turkey Pot Pie
Thursday - Sour Cream Blueberry Pancakes, and eggs
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Cheesy Ham and Potato soup
Sunday - Sloppy Joes

If you're feeling about like me - lost - hop over to for more meal inspirations.  There's a bunch of them.

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