Friday, December 3, 2010

Clean Kitchen equals Saving Money (Frugal Friday)

Eating out is something I love to do.  I get to look at the menu, see what hits my fancy, and order it.  If I'm out with my family, we can all have something completely different.  Then I get to enjoy eating my meal, knowing that I wasn't the one who slaved over the stove to fix it.  Then the best part about it is someone else does the dishes!  How awesome is that?! 

Well, until the bill comes.  Not so awesome.  Quite detrimental to the bank account actually.

Want to know when the urge to go out to eat strikes me the most?  When my dishes are sitting dirty in the sink.  And on the counter.  And the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes.

So if you're looking for a way to save some money, I say do your dishes.  When the dishes are clean, I have everything available to use.  I don't have to wash anything first.  I also have counter space to do the cooking.  There is another benefit to this - I'm less likely to be in a foul mood.  Having to clean first makes me mad...and in an attempt to avoid getting mad, I offer up the prospect of one of our favorite restaurants.  And in the end, I'm $40-$50 lighter.  And it's depressing.  And I still have to go home and face the mess.

That's my money saving tip for you.  Trust me, it works!

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