Sunday, November 7, 2010

MPM 11/8 Birthday Edition

Earlier this week while we were sitting at the dinner table, Kelton asked me why we never have BELTs anymore.  I replied with "no one has asked for them".  I should have known better.  Both boys asked if we could have BELTs the next night for dinner!  After a good laugh at their enthusiasm, I told them that it wouldn't be this week as the menu was already set (and I didn't have any bacon) but that I would add it onto the menu for the next week.  I bet they'll be excited to have dinner Monday night!

A winner from the week was the Pizza Bites.  Screamin' good I tell ya!  I'd say they are like Totino's pizza rolls, but those are little.  These are more like a dinner roll with cheesy pepperoni goodness hidden inside.  They were quite yummy, and when I get rave reviews from my lactose intolerant husband, I know it's a keeper recipe.

Well, as you can tell by the post title, someone in our house has a birthday this week.  It's a big one, too.  Double digits!  I can't believe my baby is going to be 10 - - but they've been the best ten years of my life, being Mom to an incredible boy.  The kids don't have school Thursday and Friday, so we're being a bit unorthodox and doing his birthday party Thursday night.  He is having a couple friends spend the night.  Should be fun...movies, Wii, bunches of snacks and no bedtime!  Isn't that what kids love?!

Without further ado, here is the plan for the week...

Monday - BELTs
Tuesday - Omelet Roll (we didn't have it a couple weeks ago - there was a parchment paper issue)
Wednesday - Chili
Thursday - Pizza and Texas Sheet Cake
Friday - Tri-tip, mac and cheese, salad and peach crisp (J's requested meal)
Saturday - Sandwiches or leftovers
Sunday - Bacon Potato Chowder and rolls (new recipe - I'll post it if its any good)

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  1. Wow the omelet roll looks so good! That's a cool idea!