Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What to do, what to do?

I'm thinking I'm in a pickle.  Or will/could be.

We'll have a birthday boy next month - the big 1-0.

And another birthday boy in January - a whopping 6 years old.

All sandwiched around the holidays.  Yay.

Jordan has only had one "friends" party...for his 7th birthday.  I was fortunate in the most bizarre way.  His friend's birthday is two days before Jordan's, so his mom and I split the party.  It made sense - they would have invited all the same boys.  And rather than accidentally set the party for the same day and make kids choose which party to go to, or coordinate the dates and fill up an entire weekend with birthday parties, our combined party worked out for the best for everyone.  All the fun and half the cost (and no clean up)...brilliant!

However, this year he'll be 10.  (His friend will be 9.)  TEN!  A whole decade old!  I think this one is a really big deal.  I think it is one that deserves a party.  With his friends.  Not sharing it with anybody else.  And something FUN!!  One he'll always remember.

Kelton has never had a birthday party.  Ever.  Not even one for his 1st birthday that he'd never remember anyway.  Daddy came home from Iraq ten days before Kelton's 1st birthday, so we kept things quiet for Daddy's sake.  And then the day after Kelton's birthday, Daddy left for a two week school.  So the "1st Birthday Party" never happened. 

Now Kelton is in kindergarten.  He's spent the last two weekends in a row at friends' birthday parties...one at a huge indoor jungle gym and the other at an indoor bounce-house haven.  He's seen what the all the hoopla is about.  And he wants that for himself.  I don't blame him, he had a blast!!

Sadly, this isn't where my quandary ends.  Oh, I wish it were. 

Right now, we are very committed to our new 10-month plan ~ credit card paid off by March 1st, and then save the money for a trip to Florida to spend a week at Disney World in July (yes, Mom, we'd be driving!).  They are very ambitious goals.  I know that.   But I needed a fun goal for after the credit card was paid off. ☺

So, technically, we could afford a $350-$400 party in November and another one in January.  The problem is I don't want to afford that.  I've done some looking into those kinds of parties, and that seems to be the going rate for taking the parties on the road.  (Our house isn't big enough to handle 15 (screaming) kids, so I don't want our house to be an option.)  November and January birthdays rule out the possibility of an outside party, so that brings us back to booking a party elsewhere.  But doing so would derail forward progress on the credit card.  So now what? 

I've thought about holding off until spring or summer to have an outdoor party and combine it for both boys, but then I'm still spending  money that I'd rather apply to my credit card or vacation.  I'm feeling like I'm in a no-win situation right now.  Is this a product of my own desires that the kids wouldn't care one way or the other?  Or am I depriving them of something?  Do you see the predicament I'm in?

Any suggestions???

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  1. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Definitely a pickle. Do they have a club house in your neighborhood you could use?