Sunday, October 31, 2010

MPM 11/01

Each week, I'm amazed at my ability to somehow forget to do an important step for a meal.  You know, like forget to take the prime rib out of the freezer?  Or forget to soak the beans over night.  Oh, and my personal favorite is forgetting to read that the meal should be in the crock pot early in the morning.  I seem to notice that one about 4pm.  It makes executing the meal plan a bit difficult at times.  Last week I decided to note on the menu what I would need to do in advance in order to get things done.  Problem with that is, I have to actually read the menu to see my notes!  I don't really like scrambling around the kitchen at dinnertime trying to figure out how to salvage my costly errors.  Especially when I've taken the time earlier in the week to "prepare" so that I'm not scrambling.  Forgetting key pieces of information is so counterproductive. 

With all that being said, we didn't have the prime rib (can you guess the reason?)  We also didn't have the Rice and Beans, but that one was because I chose to do leftovers instead.  I was actually thinking on that one!  We ended up having scrambled eggs instead of the omelet roll because I didn't realize I only had about 6" of parchment paper.  Oh well, we ate.  That's all that matters, right?!  The week's highlight was the Meatball Subs.  I couldn't decide what kind of roll to make, so finally settled on homemade pretzels.  It was such a good choice.  They were so delicious, and our guests enjoyed it too.  We'll definitely be serving them that way again.

What will we be eating this week?  I'll tell ya...however, by next week, life could have thrown me a monkey wrench and it could be changed.  We shall see......

Monday - Kielbasa and potatoes
Tuesday - Chicken (whole)
Wednesday - Burritos
Thursday - Chicken and Dumplings
Friday - Homemade Pizza Bites
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Pumpkin Pancakes

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