Monday, September 20, 2010

MPM 9/20

'Tis that time again - time for the menu...

Monday - Leftover Carne Asada
Tuesday - "Clean-Up" soup
Wednesday - Slow-cooked shredded chipotle pork tacos
Thursday - Stroganoff
Friday - Leftovers/FFA
Saturday - Dinner with my sis
Sunday - Turkey and roasted potatoes

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  1. Hmmm...What's this "Clean Up Soup" you talk of? It sounds kinda DIRTY. LOL.

  2. Ah yes, the story of "Clean-Up" soup:

    After dinner, when we're cleaning up the table, there's usually like 8 carrot slices, a spoonful of peas, maybe a couple green beans left in the serving bowls. Rather than throw them out, we put them in a freezer ziplock and toss it in the freezer. We add to it with whatever - rice, cous cous, pot roast, tri-tip, veggies, anything really. When the bag is full, we turn it into a soup. Typically the only thing we're adding is the beef broth. We hardly ever need any kind of spices because the veggies have garlic or basil or whatever, and the meat has been spiced in some fashion (Montreal steak seasoning for example). It's totally a mish-mash of ingredients that somehow meld wonderfully in a pot of soup. I know this sounds funny, but my kids can't wait for this soup! They'll check the freezer to see how full the bag is and try to guess when it'll be full enough for the next batch!! I love it because the meal is free every time since I've calculated all the expenses in prior meals. A simple thing in life that makes me smile...FREE!!