Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden Report 8/15

I know, I'm woefully behind in posting my report.  I was gone last week, and I still can't believe how much everything has grown in that week!  My watermelons that were the size of olives before I left are now bigger than softballs.  One of my tomato plants that was lucky to have 3 flowers on it has about 9 tomatoes.  My cherry tomato plant is going to be covered in tomatoes.  Nobody is crying over that prospect!  The other two tomato plants are doing well too.  I will also be picking cantaloupes and tomatoes outside of the kennel since they've grown outside of it.  I'm glad that my family enjoys zucchini; we have tons of it, and still have a bunch on the plant.  Oh, and the cucumbers are taking off.  We picked one the other night, and it was delicious.  There are a couple more nearly ready to pick as well.  Oh it tasted soooo  yummy! =)  I'm enjoying the homegrown veggies.

However, my pepper plants are covered in aphids.  And ants.  So yesterday we went out and bought ant traps to get rid of those pesky buggers.  We have officially launched Operation Aphid Overthrow.  We deployed hundreds of lady bugs into the garden last night.  As of this morning, I didn't see any ants on the pepper plants -- but I did see lots of lady bugs.  That makes me happy.  Very, very happy!

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