Sunday, July 4, 2010

MPM - July 5

For July, I'm putting myself up to an Eat from the Pantry challenge and giving the monthly plan a try again.  My hope is that it will keep the grocery bill low this month and clear out some of the meat I have hiding in the deep freezer.  About a week ago, I went thru the freezers and pantry to see what I had, and came up with my menu from that.  I'm excited to already be able to use fresh herbs from my garden, and have plans to substitute all the dry herbs needed in recipes with fresh, home grown herbs. I'm getting antsy to harvest something other than herbs, but it'll happen soon enough!  So, here is what we'll be eating this month.

Balsamic Chicken  (scroll down to Tuesday's menu for this recipe)
Split Pea Soup
Red Beans and Rice
Ham and Onion Bowties
Honey Hoisin Chicken
Taco Pasta (planned for this week)
Italian Sausage and tortillas
Pasta with Italian Sausage (planned for this week)
Chili and Corn Bread
Meatballs and Gravy over Rice (planned for this week)
Mexi-Mac Skillet
Philly Cheese steaks (planned for this week)
Eggs and Toast (planned for this week)
Cilantro Pork Tenderloin
Soup and Sandwiches
Prime Rib
Turkey Tetrazzini (planned for this week)
Post Roast
Jalapeno Bean Dip
Grilled Chicken
Busy Day Dinner

For more menus and recipe ideas, check out OrgJunkie's page

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