Saturday, July 10, 2010

A lesson I'm still trying to learn

I spend a lot of time searching for ideas on ways to save money.  As I read list after list, I see that I've already implemented most of the ideas and suggestions.  We only drink water at restaurants, turn lights out, unplug unused electronics.  David takes lunches to work; I shop sales and use coupons.  I'm religious about submitting rebates. We budget, use meal plans and don't have a land-line phone.  Trust me, this list just skims the surface, but what else can we do?

The answer to that would require me to take a good look at myself.  

I've realized that I was never content with what I had.  
I want the latest iPhone.  
I want a new laptop.  
I want a flat screen for the bedroom. 
I want a new SLR camera. 
But I have an iPhone.  It's only seven months old.  It works just fine.
I have a laptop.  We rarely use it and I can still take it with me if I need it.
I have a TV in the bedroom.  It's not a flat screen or high def, but it shows the same TV shows as a new one would, and this TV is paid for.
I have a really good camera.  A few of them actually.

I can still want all those things, but I need to let them just be wants...for now.  They aren't needs.  I can start saving for something, if I want it that badly.  But none of those things are worth more debt. 
In fact, there really aren't many needs on our list right now.  We need to get the bike serviced, so that it continues to run correctly and efficiently.  We can't afford to let the commuter vehicle go down. We need to build an emergency fund.  We need to save for a cash Christmas.
Right now, those things are far more important than a few things I want.  The goal is to get out of debt, not continue to push ourselves farther into it.  It isn't the easiest, but I'm learning to be content and happy with the things I already have.  
It's far cheaper this way!

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    Shannon, In case I haven't told you, I really enjoy your blog. Loyd