Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden Update

I can't believe how much everything has grown in just two weeks.  I'm out there a few times a day, checking it all out - amazed at how it has grown since I had been in there just hours before.  The zucchini has taken off!  My pepper is already turning purple, and David keeps eyeballing the jalapeno, watching for it to cork.  I'm probably most excited that I now have a sweet Italian pepper growing.  I can already taste it in eggs!  I have also been able to enjoy the herbs, and that makes me happy.  Check it out - -


  1. Wow. Your crops are doing so fine! I love the way you arranged plants on the soil bed. Actually, my garden is doing fine until this weather came out. My crops started to decline. But still I managed to save them little by little. Thanks for sharing the photos. Great post.

  2. I envy you guys. Your plants are doing fine. As for my garden, I don't know but the weather made all my plants become so dry. My peppers are going brown already because of the temperature. But thanks for sharing your garden's photos here. I appreciate it. It inspired me.