Sunday, May 2, 2010

MPM (5/3-5/9)

I'm still trying to come to terms with the knowledge (it isn't just an "idea" anymore) that I will way over spend if I don't have a menu plan.  And I like to eat out.  It's really just that simple.  Then, to add to the problem, I get to a point where I'm tired of eagle-eying the bank account.  Next thing I know, I'm trying to figure out where the money has gone, and did I remember to account for all the charges to the bank card.  That's no fun at all.

So here I am.


Yesterday I had to run down the hill to get coffee for David.  Since I was there, I picked up a few things from the grocery stores.  I did very well.  I simply replenished a few basic items I was out of and picked up standard household produce.  I spent $18 at Wal-mart and $13 at Winco.  Today I came up with a menu for the week.  I am still patting myself on the back over this one....I am only 1 can of green chilies, ½ onion, and 1 pound of red beans shy of having everything on hand.  Yes, I did it a little backwards.  I should have had a menu planned out to determine my grocery list  But I was trying to take advantage of the fact that I was right there in the parking lot!...and I wouldn't even be short the can of green chilies had I not been out at home and bought the last two off the shelf yesterday.  (Green chilies are a standard staple around here, and I usually buy 6-8 cans at a time, just like tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.)

So, here is our plan for the week.

Monday - Baked Spaghetti (with chicken instead of beef)
Tuesday - Sausage Lentil Stew (with regular kielbasa since I have it in the freezer)
Wednesday - Pancakes
Thursday - Red Beans & Rice new recipe
Friday - Taco Pasta
Saturday - Philly Cheese steak sandwiches (from the freezer)
Sunday - BBQ Tri-tip

For more menu ideas and recipes, check out OrgJunkie's page.

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