Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Is this thing even on?

It is?  Well that's good.  I think.

I'm sure you are wondering what has happened to me.  If it makes you feel any better, I'm wondering the same thing.  Should I have just wondered that out loud?  Hmm, probably not...

I know, I know, it's been a while.  Yes Judy, since February 2nd - I heard  ya...  It just seems like a lot has gone on around here, and yet there's not really anything big enough or exciting enough to say.  For example, we got new tires on truck!!  How exciting for us, but do you care? I'm going to go out on a very short limb and guess that your answer is a resounding no.  So as you can see, clearly exhilarating yet not news worthy.

Oh I know!  My friend's daughter talked to me!  She's six.  Almost seven.  Like, she'll be seven in three weeks.  I know what you are thinking, and yes, it's an extremely ginormously exciting thing!  Absolutely fantastical I tell ya!  Four years...F-O-U-R years!  That's how long I've known her and she's never said a word to me...unless you count that time I made her cry (which is technically a *vocal* sound) because I sat next to her at a baseball game.  But she did - she talked to me!  I nearly passed out.  I danced a jig!  I giggled unabashedly!  But you don't know my friend's daughter, so you don't know how much of a big deal it all was.  Again, not something worth writing a blog post about.  Actually it is, but......well, you catch my drift.

We've had no breaking news on Kelton's school career.  He isn't peeing on the playground anymore, or telling the teacher (who is a very good friend of mine) that she isn't his boss.  He hasn't spit on any more classmates or thrown any more fits because he isn't winning Candyland (because as we all know, Candyland is just so enthralling...)  We duct taped him to the wall worked out all those kinks, and he's doing absolutely fantastic!

Jordan.  Jordan is growing up a bit too fast for me.  It seems that deodorant is necessary?  Already?  Now?? He's 9!  For the love of all things chocolate, when did this happen?  Tell me, do they make little boy deodorant? It's over in the slightly-bigger-than-a-baby section, right?

Otherwise, the only other thing that is worth mentioning is I'm scheduled for surgery. Yup, you read that right.  Sur.ger.y.  I had my pre-op appointment today.  I guess it seems more official having had this appointment.  I mean, it's called a "pre-op" appointment for a reason.  The last appointment I had was the Hi-nice-to-meet-you.-What-do-you-say?-Want-me-to-cut-you-open-and-fix-all-the-yucky-stuff?-Do-you-trust-me? appointment.  I guess the abbreviated name would be a consultation, but that sounds so...clinical.  Anywho, that was over a month ago.  So now I'm good to go.  Surgery on the 24th, and David gets to take two weeks leave to take care of me.  Well, more like he gets to take leave so that a responsible adult is available to feed the kiddos more than pop tarts and Mini eggs.  Oh yeah, he's getting his dream vacation, folks.  I know he'll cry when his leave is over - and it better not be tears of joy!

So there you have it.

You have been brought up to speed.

Scary exciting, isn't it...

**P.S.  I guess David has the same meal plan for the kids as I would have from Percocetland, so they're pretty much just screwed.  He'll just make sure they don't get too hurt.  And I think he mumbled something about taking the time and "mentally regrouping." I'm not sure what that meant.  In the past, I think it's had to do with being in the garage?  Any ideas?


  1. Shanny - even your nonsensical blogs are wonderful cuz you are just a hoot!!! And reading them I can actually hear you saying these things. LOL!! I love it! And David will have things under control - by the time you get out of percocetland you probably won't know who those kids are!!! He will have them doing drill!!!

    Love you!!

  2. don't see David in the corner, tied up with jump ropes, and kids running around in nothing but their underwear and (lipstick) Indian war paint? 'Cause that's how I see this going down...!!

  3. LOL!! I've seen him corral those boys. But cowboys and indians sounds like fun!!