Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Menu Plan - February Edition

I swear....wasn't yesterday Christmas?  So its impossible that I'm writing "February Edition" in the post title.  I'm not ready to be doing the meal plan again so soon.  I'm serious!

I'm giving the monthly plan another try.  I liked being able to see multiple meal choices and choosing based on how our schedule looks, and I enjoy the flexibility it provides.  The only thing I'm gonna strive for this month is one soup each week.  David said he'd eat soup all year round, but I have a harder time with it when it's 100° outside (in the shade!)  So we'll enjoy them while it's still cool outside.  Also, I only have 20 meals "planned", allowing for leftover nights, unexpected changes to our schedule, or the Superbowl.  Some are carried over from last month since we didn't get to them, and I'll link the recipes when they make it on the weekly planner.

1.  French Toast Casserole
2.  Taco Rice
3.  Meatballs and gravy over rice
4.  Pancakes
5.  Homemade Pizza **planned for this week
6.  Mexican Lasagna
7.  Turkey Bundles
8.  Crockpot Broccoli Beef over rice
9.  Sausage Tomato Soup
10. Ham
11. Baked Potato Soup
12. Cheesy Chicken Soup
13. Meat Mix **planned for this week
14. Crockpot Taco Chicken and rice
15. Basil Garlic Sausage and Potatoes **planned for this week
16. Sloppy Joes - could be Baked Joes **planned for this week
17. Pasta e Fagioli
18. Chicken Enchiladas
19. Chicken and Fish - I don't eat fish, but the boys love it and I have some in the freezer
20. Pork Noodle Soup **planned for this week

Swing by Orgjunkie for more menu plans and recipes.