Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday

**I feel like this should be a no-brainer, but since I just endured it, maybe I should share it.**

Over the last year, I have valiantly tried to reduce the amount of wasted food in our house.  I eat leftovers (sometimes) for lunch.  I "recycle" food, like saving all the vegetables from meals and freezing them in a large bag and when I have enough, we have a vegetable soup.  {Every time we do this, it's always a huge hit with the boys - they really do enjoy it.}  I make my own mixes/spice packets for whatever I can, like pancakes or sloppy joes.  I make extra and freeze it for another meal. 

I guess none of this matters if I don't assess what is in the pantry.  Who knew that the can of cooking spray that I swore I had bought but couldn't seem to find so I argued with my husband that it had to be there in the spice cabinet but it wasn't so I bought it again and again was actually at the back of the top shelf of the pantry and not in the spice cabinet like it should be?  Or that I had four boxes of Club crackers with pull dates of 2007 and 2008?  What about the corn meal that should be used by June 2007?  Can cornmeal really go bad?  Oh, and my favorite was the opened box of croutons that were best by March 2008.  How have I managed to not notice this earlier?  I was pretty sure that I had inventoried the kitchen on more than one occasion and certainly after March 2008.  I'm baffled that this has happened.  Obviously.

So, it doesn't make sense to work so hard to avoid waste on one level, and completely ignore it on another.  Therefore, I'm going to try to pay closer attention to the contents of my pantry.  If I buy crackers, we'll eat the crackers in less than three years or else I might as well just throw the $2 in the trash, and that would just be silly to do something like that.  We have a huge box of graham crackers that I bought last week....guess what the boys will be eating for snacks for the next month?!

So that is it, my tip that I share with you.  Keep tabs on what is in your pantry, or else you could have quite a scary discovery some night at midnight as you are checking to see what you will need to put on your grocery list for the weekly menu plan...

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