Sunday, December 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (12/28-1/3)

I've really gotten to the point that I enjoy planning out our menus.  I like to pour over cooking magazines and other blogs looking for anything that looks good.  However, what I'm finding is that we are trying so many new recipes that we seem to forget about all those yummy recipes that we've tried before, but only had once.  So, I'm going to try something new when I plan out the meals. I'm going to try to make sure that each week we get to try two-ish new recipes, and we dig through the menu archives and bring back those meals that we really enjoyed but seemed to have forgotten about.  Also, I have been thinking about bringing the boys in on the planning.  I'm very fortunate that they will eat anything I fix, but it might be fun to get suggestions from them.  I can pretty much guarantee that Monkey will always suggest either spaghetti or pancakes, and JB will probably throw out Bakes Joes or pizza for his requests...but, JB has a tendency to surprise me and have a craving for things like salmon or BELTs (that is a BLT with a fried egg on it).  Could be interesting, that's for sure!

This is what I've got planned for the coming week...

Monday ~ Garlic Chicken Farfalle (new recipe)
Tuesday ~ we'll be out for friends' birthday celebrations
Wednesday ~ Soup & Sandwiches
Thursday ~ Mexican Lasagne
Friday ~ Pizza Loaf (sorta new - going to try an old classic on a recently found recipe of french bread that we fell in love with and is delicious, so I shall call it a "new" recipe =) )
Saturday ~ Oriental Pasta (resurrected from the archives)
Sunday ~ Turkey Noodle Soup (comfort food at its best!)

For lots of other menus, check out Orgjunkie's page.

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  1. I have the same problem - so many yummy new things to try, old favorites tend to get ignored. Sounds like you have a good solution to this!