Sunday, December 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (12/21-12/27)

I'm glad this week is over.  It started off all fine and dandy, and very quickly went downhill.  I'll have to share the details later as I'm still reeling from them, but in short, it was a bad week in our house for iPhones (yes, that is plural), and that is just the beginning...

As far as menus go, we were successful on Monday getting the Kris Kringle Pancakes made, and they were quite tasty!  I made a single batch to start, but quickly had to make another batch as they were a huge hit.  Add the homemade blueberry syrup and I had them begging for more!!  Surprisingly enough, there were a few leftover, and the boys enjoyed them with peanut butter the next day.

Tuesday's sloppy joes didn't get made until Thursday but I didn't have buns, so we threw it on baked potatoes (fondly referred to around here as baked joes, which totally devastated Jordan. NOT!!)

That sums up my menu of last week.

But hey, I have the fixings, so last weeks' menu will be given a second chance this week...let's see how this goes *crosses my fingers*...

Monday ~ Honey Hoisin Chicken in the slow cooker, brown rice and green beans
Tuesday ~ Garlic chicken brown rice stir fry (using leftover rice from Monday)
Wednesday ~ Spaghetti (at the request of Monkey), broccoli and garlic bread
Thursday ~ Christmas Eve with family and tamales will be consumed in copious amounts
Friday ~ Christmas Day ~ Sausage Crepes for breakfast.  Deli sandwiches, chips and dips to munch on at our leisure for the remainder of the day (our Christmas day tradition)
Saturday ~ Homemade Pizza
Sunday ~ Either leftovers or something from the freezer

If you are looking for more ideas of yummy goodness, check out Orgjunkie's page - something will catch your eye....


  1. I love homemade pancakes!
    You have a delicious menu planned!
    I’m so glad that my husband isn’t working on Christmas Eve and Christmas. He really needs the days off. This is the best family Christmas gift!
    Here’s wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

    ps Please stop by my blog and leave a comment to "Do you still read the newspaper?"

  2. I'm seeing this Honey Hoisin Chicken on a lot of menus lately. I may have to try it. Have you had it before?

  3. What a great menu. I've been known a time or two, to put stuff peppers with sloppy joes too. An even healthier substitute for the buns.