Monday, December 21, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried....

I know we've all had one of those weeks before.  You know the kind - the ones you are thankful that its over and you pray that the new week isn't anything like the one you just had.  That was my week last week.

And you have to love the timing...right before Christmas.

It never fails, does it?

For the sake of the story, let's just say that Sunday and Monday were uneventful.  There is no reason to focus on the mundane.

Tuesday, however, things took a turn, and early in the morning too.

{For all of you out there who own an iPhone, you are going to understand this...} 

I had taken my phone into the bathroom with me.  It slipped out of my hand, fell about a foot and landed on the floor in just the right spot of the phone to break the glass.  Thankfully, I had a screen cover on it, so glass didn't go flying.  It was still functional, but broken nonetheless.  I raced out and plugged it into the computer to back it up in the event that it spontaneously combusted in my hand, because anything was possible at this point.  Since I'm not eligible for an upgrade on this phone until February 2011, that option was out.  Regardless, I went into to AT&T to see what could be done.  They directed me to Apple. Oh. Goodie.

I walked out of Apple with a new phone in my hand, a bounce in my step, $200 lighter in my wallet and my phone contract untouched. I was a combination of overly paranoid, neurotic,and strangely relieved...I was fitting in with all the other holiday shoppers.  After all that excitement, you can imagine how happy I was to go home and have the day be over with.

I woke up Wednesday with a renewed outlook.  My crappy day before was behind me, and I wasn't going to let the boys touch my new phone. I went on with my day, and ended up at David's office in the afternoon.  It turned into a longer day for him than anticipated.  A LOT longer.  Through some crazy mishap, the alarm couldn't be set, and he had to stay the night so to not leave things unsecured.  Oh the fun of it.  Did I mention he only got three hours of sleep???

Thursday had to be better, right?


All day, I kept thinking that David needed to come home and back his phone up, since it had been a while since he had done so.  I wish I could say it was a random thought, but as it turns out, it was intuition.  I'll save you the details as I am still confused, but his iPhone apparently decided that the toilet looked like the perfect place to go for a swim.


Two phones in two days?

We tried to dry it out, dry it off, whatever, and after Googling "iPhone in toilet", I was amazed at how many iPhones have had that same desire to go swimming.  Thankfully, I kept reading that we should put the phone in a bag of rice to help draw out the moisture.  His phone has been there, on the counter, sitting in rice, since Thursday afternoon.  I still have my fingers crossed that it works.  So far, it looks like it is working - both the trick and the phone.  I didn't want to buy another phone already.

How I wish this was the end of drama...

Friday morning was Jordan's Christmas singing program.  I left with the boys to get Jordan to school in time.  David was going to drive separately so he'd have the motorcycle to head to work after the program.  He had already asked me if I would be willing to come into the office to bring some stuff home for him since he was going to be going on leave, and he didn't want to have to take the backpack with him into the program at the school.   I agreed and had no problem with it.

After chatting for a little bit with friends, I jetted into town to go to the office.  When I got there, David and two other guys were all standing outside.  Let's just say I wasn't prepared for what I was about to be told.

David told me he dumped the bike.

What was the first thing I asked?

"Did you hit my car?"

Ok, let me explain - - I didn't feel a need to ask how HE was for two reasons 1) his uniform wasn't torn and/or tattered, and 2) he was standing there.  There wasn't any blood, hence, no bones unnaturally protruding from any appendages. Therefore, he was fine.

His $150 RayBans didn't fare so well.  They are shattered.  He had put them in the pocket on his lower leg, and when the bike went down - on his leg - well, you can do the math.

Speaking of math, let's see what last week could end up costing us if his phone isn't salvageable after all  and he has to replace the whole pipe system on the bike......

2 iPhones - $400
New case and covers for my phone - $35
Raybans - $150
New pipes for a Harley - $350
New handle bar grips - $75
Having all this happen days before Christmas - Priceless

So, what were the lessons learned last week?

1) Do NOT take your iPhone in the bathroom with you as it is hazardous to iPhones, and
2) It's a good idea to unlock the handlebars of a motorcycle before pulling away...

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  1. Now I know when I called you I could not see a thing. And when I called David all I heard was splashing and the sound of metal sliding on pavement.

    Love Dad