Friday, July 24, 2009

After a long time contemplating a title for this post, the best one is simply...Jordan's Room

We've been busy little beavers getting the boys split and into their own rooms. Jordan has grown up quickly, and it was time to give him his own space again. At first it was slow going trying to figure out color schemes, paint colors, furniture...and who gets what room. Things picked up speed once we decided who was going into the room formerly known as the office. Really, that room had become the catch-all room and it was time for it to get used properly. Here it is in it's former "glory."

Aren't these stencils so lovely and...and...masculine?!
All prepped and ready to go.
I threw this one is to show the color the ceiling was (that weird pink-y color, and actually that was the color of our entire house when we moved in) and the color the ceiling is now (nice and white!)
This picture doesn't show just how excited Jordan really is!
Enter four pounds of elbow grease, three cans of paint, two really sore legs, and one very happy boy and you get:

There is still lots to be done in here, but you get the general idea. We took a room from chicken-stenciled, messy "chic" (haha!) and transformed it into a room fit for a nearly nine year old boy. And, a tiny bit of me is jealous, because it turned out to be such a cool room! Now I have until September to get Kelton's room finished. That's right folks, we're crazy and doing it all over again! And, he can't wait for his "new room" either. I'm just letting my thighs get to the point that they quit hurting before I start on his room...but the clock is ticking. Stay tuned for pictures from the next project!

Thursday, July 9, 2009