Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hypersensitivity probably isn't a good thing

Or maybe I should call it acute awareness. Either way, it's causing me a headache. Since this post has been brewing in the back of my mind for a while, I figure I'd better get a few things off my chest. So, here is a random list of things that bug me...

I'll start off simple - - If I am parked correctly in my space, and you are sharing my parking space with me, without my permission, please have the good sense to take a moment and move your car. You are just being rude, and no good can come of me.

I don't get some people's understanding of coupons. More specifically, the cashier's understanding of coupons. Let me just set the record straight for you cashiers out there ---> accepting my 75¢ off coupon will not reduce your paycheck by 75¢. I promise.

Since we're on the topic of cashiers/store employees, here's another one that blows my mind. If I purchase something from your store, and it is defective, why is it a hassle to return/exchange said defective item? Even better, why would I want you, Mr. I-don't-even-work-at-a-cash register-but-got-called-up-to-"help", to call the manufacturer and have them replace my defective part? If I wanted to wait three weeks for something to be shipped to me, I would have ordered it in the first place. I was having instant gratification issues, and that is why I came into your store and bought it. It also means that I expected to purchase a working item. Again, this isn't coming out of your paycheck, so quit acting like it is.

When expecting a child, why don't some people take note to what their last name is? If your last name is Mack, don't name your newborn son Jack. Say it with me... Jack Mack. William Williams. John Johnson. Lauren Warren. Garret Barrett. Those are just as bad as Justin Thyme and Penny Nickels. And don't even get me started on "creative spelling"! Why would you saddle your innocent offspring for life like that? It isn't cute. It's guaranteed torture. Come on ~ think, people. Think!

This one really gets me. People who drive expensive cars, like Humvees, and yet they can't manage to keep the registration current. I'm not talking about tags expired last month. I mean tags expired 10-11 months ago. If you can't afford ALL aspects of owning a certain vehicle, you can't afford that vehicle at all. Affording a car doesn't just mean being able to make the car payment every month. It means the car payment, the vehicle registration, car insurance, repairs. If you can't even afford those things on a $2,000 car, you can't afford the car. Period.

I've noticed there are two types of people these days: those who love reality TV, and those that don't. I'm one who enjoys it. I'm not into every reality show; I have a few that I enjoy, and American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance are my main faves. Every season, every show, I'm absolutely amazed by the number of people who show up to audition for these kinds of shows who have no business being there in the first place...and then they seem confused and upset when they are given negative feedback and don't make it thru to the show. So which is worse? The fact that they've embarrassed themselves on such a massive platform? Or the fact that there is someone in the background pumping them up with false hopes and misguided confidence? Don't get me wrong - I'm all for being supportive of dreams and aspirations, but I'm also a realist. If your friend/son/daughter/cousin starts singing, and your initial thought is to stab something in your ears to make the noise go away, then please do not falsely praise that person with "you are the best singer I've ever heard - you sound just like...(insert big name here)!!" Want to know why? Because those are the people showing up to audition. Very few people (in general) have the chops for those shows. Please don't force your ten minutes of fame on me. Besides, they're just going to mock you in the long run, and it isn't going to be out of love or respect.

This is just a...sampler...if you will. There are other things that get to me. Just ask my husband. And who knows, maybe a few of them will be brought to light sometime in the future, forcing me to share them with you. Anything is possible here. So what are some things that bug you??

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    Too funny, Shan.