Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can't contain my excitement!!

I just found out that our school district has passed a Prep-K class ---> to be taught at the elementary school!! And it's free!! Kelton can start on his 5th birthday (or the day after if he doesn't want to go ON his birthday! I'm guessing it will be for him like it was for us turning 16 - at the DMV on your birthday!) Now I won't have to deal with a waiting list to get him into the local pre-school, and I won't have to pay $250/month for him to go to said pre-school. Nope! He'll be a "prep-k'er" at the elementary come January!

I know, I know.......I'll try to work on my enthusiasm, and try to show it more. I'm having issues showing my feelings!!! NOT!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Great news! And I'm sure Kelton will be there on his birthday - he wants to be like big brother!!