Sunday, May 31, 2009

My a coffee bean?

Ever had one of those *off* days? Yeah, I had one today. I'm not really sure why, either. I mean, I didn't have my routine thrown off, or a bizarre start to the day, or anything like that. But it just sorta went....awry.

Not sure what I mean? Let me give you an idea of what I'm trying to say.

David and I decided to run some errands. That meant I needed to take a shower. (Nothing abnormal there.) I took my shower and proceeded to get ready for the day. Again, no problems.

We all piled in the car and took off. About five minutes into our adventure, I remembered that I had not put lotion on my hands. I reached in my purse, pulled out hand lotion and put it on. I had a little too much, so thought I'd share the excess with my legs. As I rubbed the lotion on my leg, I found myself rather confused. I didn't remember having a case of the chills after getting out of the shower, so why was my leg all...stubbly? I mean, it was really stubbly! So I felt the other leg.....smooth??? WHAT? Why is one leg silky smooth while the other is 50-grit sand paper? How did this happen? What did I do in the shower? My head was spinning trying to figure out this mystery. Then I remembered. Then I about peed my pants laughing. And then David looked at me with that *look* (the "do you need a straight jacket?" look, in case you were wondering).

When I started to shave, I decided that I only needed to shave up to my knees since I was going to be wearing capris and I was trying to be quick in the shower. Left leg completed (to the knee as planned), I moved on to the right leg. Things didn't go as smoothly. It seems that I shaved my knee, and then my upper leg.....but not below the knee. I'm not sure how I managed such absentmindedness, but I did - obviously.

Welcome to my padded cell.

So the silver lining to my day is that now I can really make my companyshallremainnamelessmegaexpensive coffees at home! We decided that for the price of *gasp* thirty-two lattes, we'd buy ourselves an espresso maker. That old saying "you have to spend money to make money" is so true. Most people would think that phrase refers to business, but it works at home too. Instead of making money, I'll be saving money. One latte a day for a month pays for the machine, and since David and I have already each had a coffee drink, that would make it pay for itself in two weeks. Then if you add in the kids' hot chocolates, make it a week! Woohoo!

So, despite my shaving debacle start to the day, followed by repeated memory loss to where we parked the car and other fun *off*day moments, it turned out to be a good day. The thought of another way to save some money always brings a smile to my face!

**Of course, I may not be able to spend any of that saved money if I keep making funny farm references....

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  1. TOO FUNNY!!! I can't imagine you doing something like that! You're always so together. I'll bet David was wondering if you had totally lost it this time.

    Love you!