Saturday, March 7, 2009

You're kidding, right?

About five or six weeks ago, I had a killer coupon deal for Charmin Ultra Strong. In my quest to learn if I would be able to not be so brand specific, I thought it was totally worth a go to give this toilet paper a try. I mean, it's Charmin, right? I'm a Charmin-kinda-gal, this is Charmin, how bad can it be??

Today was the day that I had the *pleasure* of trying out the new Charmin.

One question for ya...

Since when does my butt need miniature paper towels? Don't get me wrong, the job of toilet paper is a tough one, and I don't want it failing me in my hand....but really? Paper towels?

Oh, it's just me?

M'kay. Never mind.

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