Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Cheap Thrills...Aren't So Cheap

Here's the set up -
Purchased 2000 Honda Odyssey in March 2005. Put new transmission in it it April 2005 (that's right, a month after I bought it, but covered under dealer warranty). Again in October 2006, and if that weren't enough fun, once more in January 2008. All were free to me because all three were under a warranty.
I knew the transmission was going out again, so yesterday was a true *Hooray* moment for me when the "check engine" light came on, still under warranty. I immediately called my favorite service advisor at Honda and we set up an appointment for this morning to diagnose the cause of the light.
I was confident I would be driving home in a rental car.

I couldn't be more wrong..........

It was determined that the catalytic converter was the culprit (say that 10x fast!) and the part alone would be nearly $1,000. That didn't include any labor. I guess that is what helped us with our decision............

Look what we bought!! It's a 2009 Odyssey! Only had 14 miles on it when we took it out for a test drive. I love fully loaded, and I love that it's MY fully loaded van!!! David kept laughing at me as I learned about a new gadget, because I am the Gadget Queen. What kinds of gadgets??
Power doors? Check.
Sunroof? Check.
Rear Entertainment Center? Check.
XM Radio? Check.
6disc changer? Check.
Triple Zone Climate Control? Check. Check. Check.

Really cool key and fob? Check and Check.
Anti-theft system? Check-a-rooni.

Oh, did you want to see the rest of the car? Okey Dokey, here ya go!

Did you need proof that its me?


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    That's a BEAUTY!

  2. Awesome! a new car!!

    there's an award over on my blog for you...