Monday, March 30, 2009

Sometimes it pays off to pay attention

We have this cute little coffee shop here in town that I've come to love. Problem is, my wallet doesn't share the same fond feelings I do. They are similar in price to Starbucks, so in no time flat, I could go through a good portion of the kids' college money. Since I don't want to do that, I needed to figure out a way to still enjoy my coffee without the price tag.

I was craving a Mexican Mocha this morning, and had contemplated a quick drive to the coffee shop. I resisted the urge, and figured I might be able to make one here at home for pennies. I was right! I brewed a pot of coffee, put some powdered creamer in the cup, sprinkled in some regular ground cinnamon, sprinkled in a little more cinnamon, and opted for Herheys syrup. (**I'll admit that I quickly became entranced by the fact that the syrup rolled down the creamer, becoming powder coated, so I lost track with how much I actually used!) Next I added coffee and stirred. I tasted it and it wasn't quite sweet enough so I added in a touch of sugar.

Voila!! Mexican Mocha at home!

I'm so proud of myself. I could have had no will power and run up to the shop and forked out $3.75 for them to make it. But instead, I stuck to my guns (stayed in my pajamas) and figured out how to still satisfy my craving (aka: feed the addiction) and keep my money in my pocket. That is the name of the game, right?

Now, if I could just figure out the recipe to Costco's blueberry muffins, I'll be golden...............

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  1. That sounds yummy!! Definitely gonna' try that one!!!

    Loves ya'