Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheap Thrills....if you call $30x2 cheap

Ok, so here is the deal. In the past, we have attempted to cut corners when buying things. We thought we were being so smart because we saved ourselves money simply by buying the lesser brand. Unfortunately, we've been bitten a number of times.

What do you mean? you ask? Good question. Here is an example. We were in the market for a DVD player a few years back. Well, Steve and Sally Savvy here decided to go with a no-name brand for $80 and ended up with a dead DVD player about eight months later. We ended up paying twice for that DVD player because we went out and bought a Sony for $130, and still have it to this day. Get the picture?

So, we've tried to remind ourselves when we've been shopping that sometimes cutting corners has not worked out for us. In short, you get what you pay for. I'm all for being frugal and getting the best deal possible, but sometimes I have to draw the line. Toilet seats have fallen in this category. The $7.99 seat from WallyWorld just hasn't held up. But since it hasn't cracked or completely fallen off the bowl, we've dealt with it.

We were at Home Depot the other day getting a new garbage disposal (a whole different story) and we got to wandering around the store. (It's a brand new HD so we had to familiarize ourselves with our new fancy schmancy hardware store...) We ended up in the toilet aisle which reminded us that our toilet seats have seen better days...................

Look what we got!


Like I said, cheap there won't be anymore 2am toilet seat *slams* because some little boy is too tired to put the seat down without dropping it! =)


  1. Now how cool is that!!!!! Only YOU would find something like that and think of it's practicality!! LOL!

  2. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Ha Ha! That's great! I like the video action, too.