Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a party.... my mouth! (Thanks TW for that description!)

I was at Safeway today to pick up my 99¢/lb chicken breasts, 99¢ butter, 99¢ Frosted Mini Wheats and FREE Pepsi when I happened by the nut and fudge counter. I usually can waltz right on past without so much as a glimpse (and only because the prices are usually way out of line for my wallet's taste - because I'm a sucker for fudge!) I thought today would be no different, except there seemed to be a light shining down from the heavens, highlighting the words "Pomegranate & Orange Cream Bark." I heard the music, and then I heard those dreaded words...

"Would you like to try a sample?"

How could I be so rude as to decline such a sweet (no pun intended) offer? You are right, I couldn't! I may have been too eager to accept a piece of the candy, but I've got my fingers crossed that I wasn't...

Next thing I knew, a small container with half a pound of the lovely bark had jumped into my basket, begging for me to buy it.

So, I obliged...

Let me tell you, my perma-smile needed a dose of Pomegranate & Orange Cream Bark!!

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