Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shopping Success

I am trying to do my shopping on Mondays based on the sales ads. Yesterday was my first try. I had from Wednesday when the sale started until yesterday to get my menu planned and my shopping list made out. I'm also trying to combine my errands so that I'm home more and less likely to spend money during the week. So I hit Safeway, Bel-Air, Rite Aid and Target. My friend picked up the Walgreens deal for me. I didn't get a picture for you, but I'll give you the run down.

6 Kraft Mac & Cheese ($1.98)
5.5 pounds Oranges (3.78)
30 count soft taco size tortillas ($4.29)
10 count fajita size tortillas (FREE)

Total OOP: $11.07
Total Saved: $11.30

2 whole chickens ($8.09)
1 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice (FREE)
3 V8Fusion ($3.00)
1 Welches Grape Juice ($1.00)
6 pounds Fuji Apples ($2.98)

Total OOP = $15.67
Total Savings = $34.25

1 Windex ($0.93)
1 Dial hand soap ($0.02)
1 36 ct Kotex ($2.84)

Total OOP $4.19
Total Savings $5.75

Rite Aid:
8 Reeces Whipps (FREE)
4 Excederin ($0.04 profit)
1 Electrosol ($.01 profit after rebate)

Total OOP $0.85 (which was all tax)
Total Savings $16.50

2 Quaker Oatmeal (1.79)

Total OOP $1.79
Total Savings $5.19

I'd say I did pretty good, don't you think? My favorite was all the free stuff from Rite Aid!

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