Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (Jan 26-Feb1)

I can't believe it is Sunday morning and my menu for the week is completed and I have next week's plan almost figured out as well. For some reason, there weren't enough days in the week this time around to fit all the yummy recipes, so they trailed over to next week's menu. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of putting together dinners a week at a time, and I'm getting quicker and quicker at it. For us, breakfast is usually cold cereal or oatmeal (maybe grits or cream of wheat) so there isn't any reason to sit an plan breakfasts out. Lunches are the same way. J is at school so he gets a packed lunch, Monkey is home with me, so we'll have whatever - sandwiches, mac & cheese, soup, etc. David will take leftovers from the night before. He's good about that. He gets lunch and I don't have to endure too many leftovers. I'm doing so much better about the leftovers, but they still aren't my favorite unless we're talking about lasagna, and then I'll eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until its all gone! **Hmmm, maybe its time to start looking at putting lasagna on a menu sometime soon...**

This weeks (last week? Umm, the week we are finishing) dinners were pretty much all new to us, and we have found keepers! The Garlic Chicken Fried Brown rice was yummy but we've come up with a few things to tweak it. We love water chestnuts, so we'll add those next time, and it didn't have enough garlic. But all in all, it was very good and a wonderful foundation to play with and make it many other meals. I love recipes like that. The Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta was very good as well. I seasoned the meat a little, added onion to the meat too, and at first I thought it was a little on the plain side. I remembered the recipe saying "Barbecue sauce and prepared mustard optional" and thought it was odd that they would mention putting either of those items on pasta. But I suggested it out loud and we pulled the condiments from the fridge. David added his favorite horseradish mustard (found at Sam's Club if that is something that sounds yummy to you!) and fell in love with the dish!! J and Monkey had ketchup and loved it, and I opted for the BBQ sauce. I still think its weird to put condiments like those on pasta, but I'll get over it because I'm sold on the flavor!

The Italian Turkey Skillet was very cacciatore-like, and very good. J said he gave it "two thumbs up and two more thumbs up and he'd give it another two thumbs up!" I'll take it to mean that he felt it was a keeper recipe!

We're pushing the BBQ Chicken Burritos onto the next week plan since we didn't get to it. I decided to do leftovers last night instead of the Breaded Chicken and Green Rice. I didn't want the pasta dishes going to waste. So, I have no idea if the burritos are a hit as well - we'll see this coming week.

OK, last but not least, the story of the BELT......I was having a conversation with my friend T about doing BLTs for dinner. She told me about being at a friend's house years ago and the mom making BELTs, and that she ("she" being T) was not to keen on the idea of adding an "E" to her BLT. But she politely tried it and hasn't looked back at a BLT since. I know David loves fried egg sandwiches, so I thought I'd make it an option for dinner on BLT night. He was eager to oblige (probably too eager) and gleefully fried an egg for dinner. J wondered what Daddy was so happy about, and when J found out Daddy was frying an egg for dinner, he chimed in that he'd like a BELT as well. David loved the BELT, and J was left to wrestle with his inner turmoil over which is better - the BLT or the BELT. Whichever one wins is yet to be seen, but J has emphatically requested BELTs for dinner this coming Wednesday. I'll take it that we've found another keeper, and I'm happy to report that I'm ruining my oldest son at the tender young age of eight years old. (I apologize to his future wife now...sorry darlin'!!)

We are trying a total of 3 new recipes this time around...the BBQ chicken burritos from last week and 2 others. I'll let you know how things go.

Monday ~ (Monkey's 4th birthday and his special requests) Spaghetti and garlic bread and Chocolate cake for dessert (Happy Birthday Monkey!!)

Tuesday ~ Mac & Cheese with tuna and peas

Wednesday ~ BLT and BELTs

Friday ~ Turkey Bundles (when my lactose-intolerant husband finds a recipe that uses cream cheese and says it looks good enough to try, we try it!!)

Saturday ~ Pot Roast

Sunday ~ Ham 'n' Salami Jambalaya I have been reminded that this is Super Bowl Sunday and we have plans to go to our friends house. Looks like this is being pushed off until the next week...

So there you have menu for the week. Are you in a rut for dinner ideas for your own menu? Check out Laura's page where over 400 people have been contributing their own menus and recipes. You are bound to find something worth trying over there!


  1. Sounds great! I'm going to have to try the turkey bundles. They seem very similar to the chicken roll ups I make. Yumm-o and a hit with the picky eater kids.

  2. Happy Birthday Monkey!

    BELTs sound like a great idea.

    Have a great week.

  3. BELT's sound good!

  4. Great post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's funny that you wrote about BELTs ... here in Canada (I'm assuming you are in the states??) at Tim Horton's, they began serving BELTs about a year ago when they started a hot breakfast menu. I don't even like fried egg sandwiches, but I would take one of those any day!