Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a way to start the day

Ok, so here is the deal. Monkey will be turning four on Monday, and our plan has been to buy him a new car seat/booster seat for his birthday. We've been discussing it for a while now. We've been watching his weight, checking his height and biding our time until he turns four. (In our state, a child must be 4 years old AND 40 pounds in order to go into a booster seat.) So there you have it - The Plan....

Over the weekend, I had plans with my sister, and David wanted to take the boys hiking down behind the quarry and down to the river. I made sure to leave the car seat for him to put in the truck. I went on my merry way, and they had a blast and the car seat was completely forgotten about - - until this morning. We (the boys and I) headed out into the garage to take Jordan to school this morning and I asked Jordan if he was buckling Kelton into his car seat. I wasn't ready for the response I got...........

J: "Ummm.....NO? (voice trailing off) There isn't a car seat..."

Me: "WHAT?!?!?!?!"

J: "..."

I believed him, I knew where the car seat was - but I still had to see it for myself to confirm that my 8 year old wasn't yanking on my giggle-chain. Yup. No car seat. Now what? I called my husband to inform him that HE has the car seat, and that I am obviously the one who needs it. However, the phone call was simply an informative one - nothing was going to be done about the car seat at that given moment in time...and I knew that. So I started scrambling around the garage looking for Jordan's old booster seat. I figured if I found it, it was better than no car seat at all, right? I found it (yay!) and threw it in the seat and Kelton's eyes danced and sparkled at the sight of the "new" car seat that was placed in his seat. He climbed up and sat down, and while I buckled him in he kept asking if he could keep this car seat.

Then, as we were pulling out of the garage, he shrieked with glee "I'm a REAL big boy!!"

When did Pinocchio get in my car???

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