Monday, December 29, 2008

Ooh. Yay.

Well...last night (oh, say around midnight) as I was playing on the computer, I noticed that someone was running a chainsaw. I found it rather odd. Odd enough to mention it to David in the other room. Why on earth is someone in such a hurry to chop up that dead body tree that it couldn't wait until daylight?

Jump to this morning.

As I turned on my computer, I noticed that the same crazy, chainsawing person was at it again. Hmmm, not so fast. Is it making? that? noise? That can't be good...............can it?

So I called Geek Squad and ask if there is still a warranty on it (it's only four months old and there'd better be!) I tell the girl that it sounds like the fan. She said that I can bring the CPU in and they will send it off to the will take 2-3 weeks. DID YOU HEAR THAT? 2-3 weeks!! Is she nuts? That's a long time to be without my computer. She's not my friend anymore.


I guess if I don't want to spend money to buy pieces to fix it myself (because I've gone all frugal and stuff), I'm going to have to hand it over to the Geek Squad to send it to HP...for 2-3 weeks. Lucky for me, I still have three other computers in the house to use, but this one has all of my stuff on it. Go figure. It couldn't be one of the other computers. Nooooo. So I've moved everything over to my external hard drive, and am about to disconnect the computer to take it to Geek Squad to get rid of the crazy chainsaw person.

Wish me luck!!

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  1. Yeah, a little guy with a chainsaw in your computer -- probably not a good thing!!!