Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!! I hope that your Christmas was a good one this year, as was ours. Last night we had a quiet dinner at home. The boys were quite helpful getting the ham ready to go in the oven.

Then, before bed, we had to make sure to put out the Magic Reindeer Dust to insure that the reindeer had something to eat, and that Santa could find our house.

Jordan was still awake at 3am waiting to hear hooves on the roof. Surprisingly enough, he never did hear anyone sneaking around in the house. However, someone clearly was here as the milk was gone and the cookies had definitely been nibbled on. Kelton on the other hand, was totally oblivious to anything and everything. He probably has no recollection of being woke up about 11:30 pm to go to the bathroom. So I'm pretty sure he heard no hooves.
Morning found us about 7:45am. I can't believe we didn't have kids jumping on our bed at 5 o'clock! But it was nice to get a little more sleep, especially since I've been feeling under the weather the last couple days. Every little last "Z" caught was me! The boys started with their stockings...

...and Jordan wasn't embarrassed about getting underwear in his stocking (crazy how Santa knows what kids need)Kelton found underwear in his stocking as well, but wouldn't hold it up for the camera. Instead he "cheesed" (or squeezeaduck'd - another story enitrely) for the camera with R2D2.
On to "Santa" presents, Kelton was quite elated with his new Big Wheel...

...and Jordan was ecstatic to find a Didj under the tree with his name on it!

Other presents to follow for the boys were calendars, backpacks, Battleship, coin sorters, Chutes & Ladders ~ you know, run of the mill stuff. Then Grandma Penny and Grandpa showed up (the true heroes of the day) as they brought the much anticipated Legos set for Jordan

and a building set for Kelton.

But the true thrill of the day is to see what you can do with the packaging.

As for me, I had been dreaming of a White Christmas. We had hail for about 30 minutes and it made things white (briefly) before it went back to rain. SO. Since the two main ingredients for a White Christmas is White, and Christmas, I'm going to claim that I got my wish! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Merry Christmas to all................and to all a GOOD NIGHT!!!


  1. Glad to hear you guys had a great Christmas. And isn't that so true about the boxes....we have an almost identical picture!! : )

  2. Looks like it was a really great time for all! And the boys have gotten so big since we were there last. How about some pix on Picassa? Miss you guys so much!!

    Love to all