Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday

(**Today, there was a theme over at WFMW, "toys worth buying." I must have missed that memo, or I still have money saving ideas on the brain. Either way, my post link looks a little out of place over on Rocks In My Dryer's page. Sorry if you were looking for my list of amazing toys, I don't have a list at all...I'll have to get on that. But for now, you can read about kleenex! Again, sorry for any confusion...)

Growing up, kleenex was just something that we didn't have in our house. We had toilet paper. I remember having friends over and they would inevitably ask where a kleenex was, and I would have to point them in the direction of the bathroom where the toilet paper was (typically) located. As I got a little older, I eventually wised up and always kept a roll of it in my room so that I didn't have to send them to the bathroom for our version of kleenex.

Fast forward a few years, and kleenex just managed to become one of those "must haves" for me. It still is. I have boxes everywhere you turn. I keep a box in each bathroom, one in the living room, one on my desk and one in my car. Trust me, if I could find more places to keep them, I would - but these are all well-placed, so they are easily accessible from just about anywhere in the house.

So, with all of the ways I'm trying to save us money, how do I fund my kleenex addiction? I buy it after holidays, of course! I have cute Longaberger baskets and kleenex box covers to hide the actual box, so it doesn't matter what the box looks like, its always hidden. The day after Halloween, I bought 5 packages of the double-boxed, purple and orange and ghoulish-looking, kleenexes for $1.49 each (that's 50% off and that made them 75 cents a box!) It's a good thing I grabbed them, too. I was completely out of my stockpile. And with David being sick, he's been sailing through the kleenex - - he has been carrying around his own box for 2 days now! (Poor Guy!) I have my fingers crossed that I'll have enough stockpiled to get me through Christmas when I can stock up on Christmas boxes of kleenex for half off...

So there you have it... Stock up on kleenex after holidays and you'll save money, and that works for me!!

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  1. That's not a bad idea actually. I've noticed a lot of companies changing their boxes for holidays the last year or two (they didn't previously in NI). I may have to start stocking up this way. I always stock up on chocolate eggs right after easter so it makes sense to do the same with other things.

    And I'm usually the one that misses the memo on themes.

  2. With allergies, Kleenex is a must in our house. I have purchased them after the holidays too, but often have trouble finding them then... one of the first things to go I think.
    I'm always looking for the best sales to combine with a coupon to get the best bang for my buck on Kleenex, as well as almost everything else that I shop for.

  3. We keep boxes of Kleenex all around our home. Thank you for the great idea :)