Friday, October 3, 2008

Meltdown Repeat?

Ok, last year for Halloween, I found the most adorable costume for Kelton. It was an elephant, and he was way too cute for words. However, when he got the costume on, he began crying and saying "I don't wanna go!" (trick-or-treating.) We have fondly referred to it as his "Halloween Meltdown" ever since. Here is a picture so you can see just how cute he was... (I tried to upload the video, but it wasn't working)

So let's jump ahead to Wednesday....

We were trying to figure out a costume for Jordan this year. I had the brilliant idea of making him a "shrunken head" football player. I went and found David's old high school football jersey (because it does still exist!) and stuffed the shoulders with pillows. You know, I had to see if it would even work! But it didn't look how I had it pictured, so Jordan took it off. Well, Kelton had been jumping around laughing...I thought it would be funny...

I guess I was wrong...

Here is our repeat...and its just as cute as last year!



  1. Halloween is just not his holiday! (He does look cute though!)

  2. LOL!!! I think he looks adorable - nothing like a hunky football player crying!!!!

  3. Jaylyn watched the video with me and said, "CUTE!"

  4. Aww but still the pic is just to darn cute !!