Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday

I have been dreading cleaning my bathroom for one reason: I'm tired of passing out from all the chemical fumes. I'm pretty sure that they say that you shouldn't be mixing cleaning supplies. That's all fine and dandy, but I don't have one "clean-all" product. I have a fistful of "clean-one-thing" products. So, here is my product line up:

I love Clorox. I don't love it eating holes in my clothes. I also don't like having my hands in it for long periods of time. In short, I love the "clean" side of it, but getting there is way too hard for me.

Comet is a bathtub necessity. It scours away anything in the dirt family, and probably a little more.

Pine-Sol. Enough said. Nothing smells better than Pine-Sol when it comes to cleaning. (I've actually just poured it in the toilet before just so it smelled clean!)

So, mix those three powerful smelling products together in a matchbox-sized bathroom (and throw in a little Windex and 409 for good measure) and what you get is a coma-inducing cocktail. By the time I get to cleaning the floor, I've moved past the point of no return. I wake up in a puddle of drool on what was a half-clean floor with a now-dried-sponge stuck to my forehead. Truly, a horrifying image.

Now that you have that image haunting you, you can imagine my need to find something....ANYTHING to make cleaning the bathroom easier. I went to my favorite place, Target, and stood in the cleaning product isle for what seemed like an could have been two. I don't know for sure. But it was a loooooong time.

And then, in the best marketing ploy EVER.....the lights went down, spotlights came on, music started playing from above. All products where out of sight, with the exception of one. Like the moth drawn to the light, I was drawn to Method Le Scrub. I picked it up and saw these magical words: "Eucalyptus Mint."

I thought to myself, "but really, could it smell like its name? Surely not. It's a cleaning product. It must have that chemical smell to it...right?"

NO!! It doesn't! It smells...absolutely heavenly! Better yet, they have an entire line of bathroom cleaners! They have a tub & tile spray, toilet bowl cleaner and flushable bathroom cleaner wipes - - all in Eucalyptus Mint!! That means I can still have my fistful of products, but they'll all smell the same!

So I bought Le Scrub.

The next test was to see if it would really work. Can you believe it does?! I'm ready to throw out my whole cabinet of products and go back and buy everything that Method has to offer. And check out the design. It has a place to store the sponge! Brilliant I tell you. Brilliant! Give it a try!
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