Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I've really been meaning to sit down and blog something....anything really. But my brain is fried, and I haven't been feeling very witty lately. So, instead of stunning you with my charming sense of humor, I'll just fill you in on what we've been up to.

Kelton is coming along quite nicely in the potty training department. For the most part, I'd say he is potty trained. But I won't let him leave the house in BBUs just quite yet. I'm not really into lugging around eleven changes of clothes for "just in case" moments. That is what pull-ups are for.

Jordan is starting 2nd grade in two weeks. I still can't believe it is even possible, but it's true. We got his school supplies the other day, and although he was excited to get new supplies, he's not very jazzed at the prospect of his "long summer" coming to a close. Two months have already flown by, but it hasn't been long enough for him. When you are that age, is summer vacation ever really long enough?!

David re-enlisted for the last time. I can't believe it! He's already got twenty years in, but this was the last time he's going thru the whole re-enlistment process. This contract is for six years, but he retires in approximately four years. It is still mind boggling to me that we can actually see retirement in the very near future. He has also been enjoying riding his new bike to work. He's quite glad that we got it, and so is the bank account.

I can't wait for Fall as it is my favorite season. Over the summer, I have been realizing that I'm the type of person who needs some sort of routine. I don't need a crazy schedule to keep up with, but something. The school year manages to give that to me. I'm just ready to settle in, and get back to something a little more predictable.

So there you have it. Nothing exciting. But an update. What have you been up to??

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