Sunday, August 10, 2008

I am not....

...a computer geek...I am a Gadget Queen.

I love gadgets. I repeat - I love gadgets. I always have.

I am the kind that must immediately play with and figure out my new gadget. I can't sleep until I know everything that my new toy is capable of. For example, a cell phone must be properly set up within seconds of leaving the store. And I will be the one to set up David's phone. It is just the way it is. Lucky for him, he plays along!

Another example of my gadgets is cameras. They are my downfall. I have been teased about my love of cameras. Some buy shoes, some buy purses, lots buy clothes. I buy cameras. And apparently it has been noticed by more than a few people.

Oh my, enter........ computers!

A while back, we bought a new computer for the living room. Yes, you read correctly, the living room. We hooked it up to our 47" TV. Umm. Heaven! Imagine...a 47" monitor?! We sit on the couch with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I didn't think it could get any better than that. Then David claimed it as his own. My computer was in the office, his was in the living room. After seeing what that computer was capable of, my four year old computer in the office simply seemed archaic. Well, mainly because it was.

So, on Sunday we went out and bought a new computer for me. After getting it home and all set up, I think David secretly wished he hadn't been so quick to claim the living room computer! We made the old computer become the "server" for the sole purpose of being a hard-line for Internet, as the new computers have wireless capabilities. I have two 22" high def monitors connected to the new computer. I also have the cable feeding into the new computer. That means I can be working on the computer and watch TV on the second monitor. I get Olympics AND computer! Hello!! It's absolutely amazing!

Having a hard time imagining all this? Here is a picture to help you out.

The monitor on the left is connected to the server computer. The middle screen is my "main" monitor, and the screen on the right is my secondary/TV monitor.

Looks like fun, doesn't it?!


  1. Girl - you are something else!! Have you gotten any sleep in the past few days? I know you - just THINKING about it will keep you up! LOL!!!

  2. Yikes - your office is starting to look like my office!!! The more gadgets you have, the more things that go wrong -- but they are fun!!! : )