Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Five

Road trips are actually my preferred method of travel. If you fly, you can't make the plane pull off its flight path to see that beautiful mountain range, or have it change course to see something else. You can, however, do that in a car. The ability to SEE where you are going is huge to me. Simply landing in Denver International Airport technically puts you IN Colorado, but it doesn't allow you to experience the Rocky Mountains or the Colorado River.

So, I am always quick to jump at the opportunity to take a road trip. The last one we took was to Florida two summers ago. Coast to coast! And my kids are phenomenal travelers! They are always eager to get in the car and go somewhere - anywhere.

I've been telling David the last couple weeks that the "Road Trip Bug" has been setting in again. So, I'm making it the focus of this week's Friday Five.

USA Road Trip:

1) Who would I take on a road trip with me?
My family of course!! But if David were deployed again, my obvious choice would be my Dad! When David was in Iraq, my Dad drove the boys and me from California to Missouri and home again two months later. The memories of that trip will stay with me for a lifetime. So as you see, if it can't be David by me in the car, it has to be my Dad! The kids are a given!!

2) What states would you visit?
I have always wanted to see Vermont in the fall. I'm not sure why Vermont specifically, but it has always been one of my "dream vacation" spots. So why not make it a road trip?! Fall is upon us, and Vermont seems like my given. Since we're "road trip"ing it, I have to see all the states between California and Vermont....and Colorado is somewhere in between the two.....and maybe a few (or all) of the New England states too, since we'd be in the neighborhood!

3) What national parks and/or monuments would you go see?
Well, I mentioned Colorado. I want David to see Ouray and Silverton, Colorado. They were on the route that I took with my Dad, and I truly think David would enjoy it. It is absolutely breathtaking! The Million Dollar Highway is well worth the trip alone. Since we'd be in that area, I want to see Mesa Verde National Park. If you don't know what that is, in short, it was the cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Pueblo people for over 700 years. It is amazing to see, and I'd love to see it closer than I did passing by on the road.

Since this is my "Dream Road Trip" I'd also love to see Glacier National Park in Montana. I have this thing about seeing all 50 states. So far I have been in 34 states, and Montana is not one of them. But from all the pictures that I've seen of Glacier National Park, I'd love to view it with my own eyes.

As for Vermont - I don't have any place in particular that I want to see. I want to see it all! I want to experience the scenery, the food, all Vermont has to offer. And all I really I need is a pocket full of batteries and my camera, and my family close to me. The memories will just happen.

Since we'd be in that neck of the woods, we might as well see that whole region, all the way up to Maine. New York City, upstate New York, Boston, D.C. - the whole thing!

4) What would be required items to take with you?
Well, the obvious items such as clothes and toiletries aside, I'd have to take:
1) My camera. I have to capture everything on film.
2) My laptop. I have to download the pictures to the computer so that I can keep taking pictures! I didn't have the computer on that trip with my Dad, and I had about 400 pictures to download when I got home. And that was JUST from the drive home! In all from that entire 2 months, I had approximately 2,000 pictures. So, yeah - I'd need my computer with me. Besides, most hotels have internet……
3) My good friend, Serena Garmin. That translates to my GPS. If you don't have a GPS, I'd recommend getting one. If you have one, you know how much fun they are and understand why dear Serena would need to go with us. But I'd still have my trusty atlas too. Staring at maps is fun for me. Blame my Dad for that one!
4) The portable DVD player and the library of movies that we own. The kids love to watch movies on the road to help pass the time. It is amazing ~ we hardly ever hear "Are we there yet?"
5) My Pillow. If you know me and how I travel, you'd know that the pillow goes with me. Enough said!

5) How long would you be gone?
Ok, since I want to see Vermont in the fall, I have to go - you guessed it! - in the fall! Duh! And, since this is also my "Dream Road Trip," I'm going to choose to ignore that Jordan is in school. With that said, I'd make this at least a month trip. As of today, David has 131 days of leave on the books. Let me repeat that…131 DAYS! That translates to over FOUR MONTHS of vacation on the books!!! We always talk about how it would be nice if he could just take 2 months off and we could hit the road. I want to be able to enjoy everything the trip has to offer. So if that means shooting off the beaten path for any reason, I want the wiggle room in there to be able to do that. So I don't think I could do anything less than a month.

Where would you go??

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  1. Can we go with? JK!! But I know we'll see pix!! Sounds absoutely wonderful - and dad really loved seeing those things with you on your trips back and forth.

    Love you!!