Thursday, July 31, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday (and it works on Thursday too!)

I have become a ziplock queen! I love them all - quart size, gallon size, even the big-ol'-throw-the-comforter-in-it size. But I'm pretty sure that my favorite right now is the snack size. (It's so cute!)

Since we have been trying to lose a little weight around here, the snack size zips have pretty much become a necessity. Our biggest problem/realization has been portion size. I have learned that I will eat double (on average, at a minimum) the recommended serving size for everything good (like cream cheese and ice cream), and I will underestimate the recommended serving size for things I need, like veggies.

Enter ziplocks.

For example: I will buy the big bag of baby carrots, and I measure out 3 ounces and put it in a snack size ziplock. That equals one serving of veggies. Trust me, you can eat more than 3 ounces if you want. None of us are a little thicker thru the mid-section from eating carrots! But this way I know that I'm getting one full serving of veggies.

Another example: I also will buy the bigger package of lunch meat and measure it down to single-serving size packages. This one was a little harder for me because sandwiches should always look like they came from the Jewish deli, even if I made it at home! But that can realistically be 4-6 servings of lunch meat!! It still amazes me what a serving really is. Once again, the snack ziplocks are the perfect size.

I love the convenience of single serve items, but sometimes the price tag that accompanies the convenience is a little much. I also like to know exactly how much I'm getting. So, for me it is worth the time to measure things out. In the long run, it pays off. David can grab and go on the way to work...making lunches for Jordan are faster...snacks don't take time to fix. Grab a bag of carrots or grapes or grape tomatoes or whatever and go!

I love ziplocks................
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