Monday, July 21, 2008


I swear, as I go about my day, my mind is running a million miles an hour thinking of all the things I should do with my blog. Conversations in my head go something like this:

"Mad Monday? Yeah! That's a cool title for Monday blogs, I could make it be about [insert random thought here]. Or what about Recipe Monday? Oh, that could be fun to showcase a recipe weekly. My readers, (all 5 of you, but don't you love that I feel like I'm such a big blogger now that I can fondly refer to you as "my readers"?!) they might enjoy something like that!"

...and so on and so on.

And then I sit in front of my computer all excited to get a post pounded out, and for some reason, a case of writer's block sets in.

So what kind of post do you get? One just like this! And I guarantee that I will stand up from my desk and the ideas will flow freely once again.

Hmm, maybe it's the chair..............................


  1. Are you kidding me!?! As one of your 5 loyal readers, that's what I enjoy so much about your blog -- the random, quirky posts you come up with! Where else could I read about mini-closets, squishing houses, and the trials and tribulations of toilet training? I say keep the chair and keep the posts coming!!!

  2. Another reason I love you Amy! The chair stays - besides, it's too comfortable to get rid of =)