Friday, July 11, 2008

Potty parties and new favorite phrases

It started out as a game to him.....he says he has to go potty, and I swear it's really just a ploy to get naked. We've been playing this game for a while now (I lost track a long time ago when this all started.) Unfortunately, he won't sit on "the big potty", only his little potty. So when he says in the middle of Target that he has to go potty, he doesn't really mean it, thus, I've quit racing him to the bathroom when we are out and about because he won't put his cute little behind on any toilet but his at home. (I'll keep my fingers crossed that he will outgrow his fear of big toilets, or its going to be a long road for us.) So, when he would go in his pull-up, we would tell him that he is supposed to go in the potty, not in his pants. He has heard this a lot - so much so that you can ask him where he is supposed to go, and he will tell you "in the potty." However, we have not had much luck in getting him to put that theory into practice.

Things have been getting better here the last two weeks or so - more consistent I should say. I've learned that if he really does go, he comes running out yelling "Mommy! I went potty! Come see my pee!!!" (those magical little words!) And I will follow him to the bathroom, inspect the pee, and throw a "Potty Party" as we dump it into the toilet for a farewell send off and flush. If he didn't go, he will simply ask for his pull-up back on. I can ask if he went, and he will say he did, but he didn't. Every time he has Daddy come check it out, Daddy gets informed that it is his "biggest pee ever!" I have yet to hear that one...can't wait until I do!

I think that today is our turning point. *Fingers crossed* Aside from starting off poorly, he has now told us three times! that he has to go potty - and he has gone every time!!!!! Big boy underwear, here we come!!!

Looks like its time to start carrying around a stack of post-its in my purse so we can confuse those automatic toilets and prevent them from flushing.............I've been waiting for the day! Is it here?! Could it really be? Could he be almost..................potty trained?

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  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. I'm looking potty training in the face and then running scared.