Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my "to do" list

    If I were to actually make a list today, this is what it would be:

    1. Make a list
    2. Do the dishes as oppose to stare at them
    3. Research "how to organize a closet-wanna-be"
    4. Do a load of laundry (not just wash it ~ put it in the dryer too, and fold it and put it away!)
    5. Remember to keep watching the clock so that I don't forget to pick Jordan up at noon
    6. Re-organize the diaper bag so that I know I have all of the necessities (pull-up, wipes, change of clothes, additional dignity, stage make-up that will cover up extreme blushing) and not get caught off-guard the next time Kelton's ridiculously full pull-up [because he won't pee in a public toilet] explodes while he sits in my lap at the movies making it look like I peed my pants (maybe I'll tell that story later, maybe I won't)
    7. Keep an eye on the time
    8. Turn Optimus Prime into "car mode"
    9. Turn Optimus Prime back into a robot
    10. Turn Optimus Prime back into "car mode"
    11. Throw Optimus Prime away
    12. Dig Optimus Prime out of the garbage
    13. Start planning dinner now so that at 7:30pm, I'm not standing in the kitchen asking "how do PB&Js sound?"
    14. Water and mist the plants
    15. Quit staring at the dishes
    16. Change a messy diaper, becuase he knows where to poop, but it is obviously more fun to poop in his pants...besides, it streamlines his day so that he can poop AND continue to play with a used-coffee-ground covered Optimus Prime.
    17. Get a haircut at 12:15
    18. Ignore the dishes
    19. Step over piles of laundry
    20. Forget about dinner entirely - the kids ate breakfast, they should be fine until tomorrow
    21. Remember to put the diaper bag back in the car so that at least one of us has a change of clothes the next time a pull-up explodes
    22. Mark off #1 because here is my list
    23. Crumple up "to-do" list and go catch up on my tv shows instead

I had to put some easy ones on the list so I could have something to cross off.....we'll see how many actually do get crossed off.

**Update: I actually did get stuff done today! I did feed my kids, (and hubby too!) and I even BAKED a dessert! I filled the dishwasher and ran the load...still have more dishes to do. I didn't get any laundry done...oops. Oh well - tomorrow is another day (to blow chores off)


  1. Well, I am impressed that you even have a list. that is already light years ahead of me:)

  2. Brittany - Wow! I'm so excited you commented on my page! I kinda feel like I had a celebrity say something! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you do again - I check yours daily for a dose of your humor! I love it - my kinda girl! =)

  3. Lists are for SISSIES!

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