Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is this how Donald Trump got started?

Entrepreneurial ~ adjective

1. of or relating to an entrepreneur
2. willing to take risks in order to make a profit

Let's just say my son is well on his way to becoming an entrepreneur, without even knowing it! Okay, let me back up and bring you up to speed before I tell you about Jordan's new talent.

A couple years ago, when Jordan lost his first tooth, I was trying to think how to make this tiny little tooth a bit bigger and easier for the Tooth Fairy to find. Let's face it, the Tooth Fairy needs a little help now and again, and his/her night vision isn't the greatest, and s/he doesn't actually own or "possess" a pair of night vision goggles on a daily basis. So we parents of toothless children sometimes feel the need to give the poor, blind Fairy a helping hand. With that said, I decided that wrapping the tooth in Kleenex was a brilliant idea. It also gave me a place to write the necessary information so that when he is older, I can pull out a mouthful of lost teeth and bore him with them. (and God forbid, should anything happen to Jordan, I have DNA...because that is just how my brain works sometimes. Sorry, but it's true.)

Anywho, this plan has worked like a charm. And one time (at band camp!), the Tooth Fairy had a rough night, and forgot to stop at our house. Unfortunately, we were leaving for Disneyland that day, and this simple fact caused a lot of stress for Jordan. We added the tooth to the packing list, and since it was wrapped up nicely, it insured us finding it for another attempt to extract money from the Tooth Fairy. (In case you wondered, we had to leave a note on his bed directing the Tooth Fairy to Southern California. Disaster avoided.)

As you see, it has "paid off" to fold up Kleenex for the sake of permanently housing a very tiny tooth.

Okay, sometimes it's a Post-it.

At the beginning of the year, I had cleaned out the cabinet of my desk, and came across all of the teeth. I guess a couple of them somehow didn't make it into the box. I'm not sure where they escaped to, but I ended up finding them just a few weeks ago. Well, not wanting to get rid of them, but not knowing where to put them either, I simply deposited the rogue teeth into my basket (with a lid, mind you!) in the hallway. Why? would he go into that basket? It isn't his. He never has before, so I figured this was a safe place for now. It much so that I forgot they were there.........

Jump forward to this week.

Jordan came rushing in to show me his long lost treasure, "the two teeth that he hadn't put under his pillow yet!!" He was so excited to realize that he actually had the capability to get paid that night! How could he have been so careless?? (And now I'm thinking, how could I be so careless?) Was I going to have to explain that the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are the same? Fictitious?

Not today. No ma'am, not today.

I'm still shocked that he bought whatever lame explanation I had to offer. At that exact moment, my head was spinning in that movie slow-mo, background blurring sorta way, and I can't for the life of me remember what I actually said to him...but he bought it.


Now, let's just hope he doesn't look under my keyboard anytime soon.

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