Monday, July 14, 2008

Growing Up...with a twist

Look! The significance, you ask? Maybe...Kelton's very first "Big Boy Underwear"?! BUT, before we went to the store, I drilled him over and over and over again where he is supposed to go poop (correct answer: in the toilet) and where he is not supposed to poop (correct answer: in his big boy underwear). He had it down pat. Let's just say that had he been on Jeopardy and the final question was either of the above, he would have won - - no doubt about it!! So I felt it my duty (and in an odd way, my privilege) to take him shopping and fulfill his current - as of Friday - dream of being in BBU (Big Boy Underwear.)

Saturday morning dawned and he and I were off to Target with smiles on our faces and a mission before us. I bought two packs...three pairs wasn't enough. That would guarantee at least two loads of laundry a day if this didn't go well. But I didn't feel it necessary to go overboard right off the bat either. This really is a trial run in the BBU department, so no sense stock piling if this wasn't going to work, right? Before we knew it, we were homeward bound, BBU in hand, and ready to start the next (and hopefully final) phase in potty training. If only it were to be that simple! It wasn't ~ go figure.

When we got home, I immediately sent him into the bathroom since he was, in fact, still dry. He emerged from the bathroom very excited, so we did the Potty Dance, and he happily asked for his BBU. Since he had already done his business earlier in the morning, I was game to go along with the suggestion. Hey, what was the worst that could happen? A little dribble on the carpet? The kitchen floor perhaps? I have Nature's Miracle ~ we're good to go. Let me tell you, I was wrong...way wrong. I don't think he was in BBU any more than 15 minutes when I thought I smelled something. I (hesitantly) called him to me and asked if he had pooped. Trust me, I knew the answer, he had. Just my luck. This wasn't going to be easy getting him changed, and I knew that...and that very thought sucked. But, we made it work and we got it done.

Curious to what his answer would be, I asked him why he pooped in his BBU? He started crying "I didn't know!!" Poor little guy...nothing a few kisses and a hug couldn't fix. That is, until I attempted to put a pull-up back on him. It seems that since he was the current owner of BBU, pull-ups were no more...and thus began a water-works show to rival the Bellagio!! Turns out the only way to calm him down (and assure me that I wouldn't be cleaning large amounts of poo from BBU) was to put his BBU on over his pull-up. Go Mommy! Matter solved, for today at least!

**While we haven't totally graduated from "pull-up"less underwear, we are on the right road (I hope!) At least he is showing an interest in potty training, and that is the first step...

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