Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Five

**I'm starting my own version of Friday Five. They will be things I like, or things that may make my life a little easier. It could be anything really.**

Tagless Tees. I have cut the tags out of my fair share of t-shirts. Since I'm a big girl, I can handle tags...if I have to. I own a number of tagless tees, but I didn't fully appreciate them until I got burnt to a crisp at my son's baseball game. After the game, I dug thru David's shirt drawer to find the softest shirt I could find - and it was tagless. And it was wonderful!

Mini spiral notebooks. I love them. I use them on my desk to jot stuff in. It can be phone call notes, reminders to myself, anything really. But the best part is that it is all contained. No more hunting the house for that one yellow Post-it in the sea of yellow Post-its. Nope, if it is a phone number that you need, I'll bet that I probably wrote it down in my trusty spiral. And when it's full, I buy another one, and stack the full one in the drawer. You never know when you'll need to reference a filed spiral for information. That reminds's time to buy another one.

Crystal Light On the Go packets. I have been drinking much more water these days, but it gets really boring after a while. These fun little packs give me lots of choices to mix it up. And they are portable! I carry a variety of them in my purse so that I always have options besides plain ol' water. I love that they are measured for a 16 ounce bottle of water too. Just pour it in, shake it up and GO!

Daisies. Can you go wrong with daisies? I don't think so! In my opinion, they are the happiest flower out there. Don't give me roses, give me daisies any day of the week, and I'll be very happy!

Microfiber Pillows. I love mine, I love mine, I love mine! I love that it is as soft as a feather pillow, but without the feathers. For some reason the dog has this incredible need to eat feather pillows....he's already enjoyed four. So I went to the microfiber and he has left them alone. I also love that they are king sized, so they are really nice for squishing into the perfect position. Perfect. I highly recommend microfiber pillows!

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