Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today's excitement

It took four years of us living up here, but it finally happened. Today I found a baby rattlesnake on the driveway, just off of the front porch step. I found it accidentally. Cash was out running around, and I was getting some really cute pictures of Kelton on the front porch. The next thing I knew, the dog ran across the street to bark (up close and personally) at our neighbor, Joe. I started to go get him and for some reason I looked down as I was about to step off the last step. Had I not looked down, I would have stepped right on it. I was barefoot.....and that just scared me to death! I sent Kelton in the house, and I headed across the street to see if Joe was comfortable with getting the snake. Of course I called D at work first so that I could get all of my "OH MY GOSH THERE IS A RATTLESNAKE ON THE DRIVEWAY!!!!" hysteria out of my system and, therefore, I appeared much calmer when I asked Joe! Go Me! Thankfully for me, he was willing to try out his skills in removing 10" snakes...and even better, he was successful! As long as it doesn't come back to life and crawl out of the plastic bag, I think we will be okay!

We've always known that there were rattlesnakes up here, and we've heard many stories of people finding them. But all of the stories have come from people who either live back by the 3rd gate where there is lots of open land, or they live in the next town over. We're in a more 'populated' area of Cool (not that its that heavily populated!) and it has much more of a neighborhood feel. I guess I let my guard down a long time ago when it came to the topic of rattlesnakes. I will be keeping a much more watchful eye from now on...................

I did get a picture of the little bugger, but it was blurry. So I have proof, albeit blurry proof, but proof nonetheless!


  1. So, how does the story end? Did Joe end up killing the snake? It is definitely scary when you come across one of those little guys!!