Friday, June 6, 2008

Giving it another go ~ and no more school

Ok, so I gave this whole "blogging" idea a try a while ago. Make that about a year and a half ago...that's a while, right?! Or should I just a say "a long, long time ago"!? Anyhow, I'm giving it another go to see how I like it. I've always thought the concept was a great one, but it means that when I sit here at the computer, I have to do other things besides play games! I'm sure that everyone knows about my Picasa Web Album page, and that you have been keeping up with us thru that. However, sometimes I have something to share, but there aren't any pictures to go along with it. So keep up with Picasa page because I'll keep that going. But feel free to check out this one too - you never know, I may have something to tell ya!

On with the sharing...Today was J's last day of 1st grade. That makes him officially a 2nd grader now! I can't believe that he is 1) done with school, and 2) a SECOND GRADER?!!? So, here is a picture showing just how much he has grown up.

This is his last day of 1st grade (above), and below was his first day of 1st grade.

Can you believe how much he's grown up?! You should see the difference from when he started Kindergarten!!! As of right now, we don't have a single "fun" thing planned for summer vacation. D is tentatively taking leave the first 2 weeks in July. We'll see if his vacation is the "lounge around the house" type, or a "let's go somewhere" one. I have a feeling it will be the first one! After the vacation he had in May, he's going to want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the time off without a schedule. Like I said, we'll see....


  1. Is it ever difficult to be part of such a gorgeous family???Tell Jordan congrats on 2nd grade. I just read a series of 3 books (4th one pending) that were absolutlely hypnotic and way outside my normal realm of reading. To find out what they were,well, you have to write me..... ;-)

  2. I'm so glad I got to see the changeinJordan personally - but Kelton REALLY blew me away!!